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Cracks in your concrete slab foundation are more than just an eyesore. They’re signs of foundation problems that could jeopardize the structural integrity of your entire home. Don’t wait for the cracks to grow.

Have Precision Foundation & House Leveling perform a foundation inspection. We tackle concrete damage head-on with our concrete foundation leveling services in Gilmer, TX.

We don’t just fix the visible cracks. We fix the underlying issues so your home’s foundation is restored to its original strength. We even offer a 5-year warranty on our concrete slab repair.

Regain your peace of mind and your home’s stability.

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Spot Common Slab Foundation Issues

If you notice any of these signs, get your foundation inspected by one of our concrete slab foundation repairmen. They’ll assess the extent of the damage and offer solutions to prevent further damage.

Uneven Floors

If the floor feels uneven, it could be a  foundation problem. You might feel like you're walking uphill or downhill in certain parts of the house.

Cracks in Walls or Floors

One of the most common signs is cracks in the interior walls or floors. These can appear as small hairline cracks or wider gaps.

Misaligned Doors and Windows

If doors and windows that used to open and close smoothly start sticking or become misaligned, it might indicate foundation movement.

Visible Foundation Cracks:

Check the exterior of your home for visible cracks in the foundation itself. These can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Soil Pulling Away

If the soil around your foundation pulls away, it might be a sign of foundation settlement. This creates a gap that allows water to enter and damage the foundation even more.

What Causes Concrete Slab Damage?

Concrete slab foundation issues can result from all sorts of issues. Identifying the specific cause is crucial for effective and quick repairs. Common reasons for concrete slab foundation problems are:

  • Poor Soil Compaction
  • Erosion
  • Tree Roots
  • Settlement
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Poor Drainage

If you suspect your Gilmer home’s slab foundation is compromised, contact Precision Foundation & House Leveling.

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